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Residential Junk Removal

This kind of service is normal with us. We are extending the capability of our company to help those families who have many junk items to dispose it properly without harming the environment. This is called residential junk removal. We will haul all the junk to be disposed such as clothing, pots and pans, electronics, toys, books furniture and appliances away from your home. We understand that these things can be very irritating on our eyes and nose. We have professionals who will handle the hauling of these items. They are well-trained. We also confirm that what we get are junks that cannot be used anymore and recycle those things that can be recycled. By this, this will make your home feel more comfortable and delightful because those junks are gone. Our junk removal team is on-time They will directly remove and haul everything you want to be removed. Then the company will take care of your junk to be recycled. Our service is affordable and very reliable. Accredited by the BBB, we will guarantee you that we will give you a true junk removal satisfaction.

Commercial Junk Removal

Commercial Junk removal Service is one of our common services. It is also the most popular service we have. In fact, many other companies hire us and corporation asks our help for their business. The things that we can remove includes, debris from factories, old machineries, old batteries and generators, electronics, appliances, old furniture, removing of junks and many more. Our experts help every company to have a proper junk management to avoid unnecessary piling-up of junks!


Hamilton Junk Removal is one of the most credible junk removal companies here in Hamilton with eco- friendly service. Their service is designed to protect Mother Nature against any pollution that are caused by junk items and garbage. This is a private-owned company and they have always passion to preserve the sustainability of our environment. The company has a wide range of service and in fact almost entire Hamilton is serving by Hamilton Junk Removal so the company should have a safe disposal of waste items. They follow a process from loading to unloading the waste until recycling. Therefore, Hamilton Junk Removal only offers reliable and swift junk removal service.